Resilience-Building Leadership Model

The Resilience Building Leadership Model™ is a taxonomy of 12 leader practices that build resilience in an organization.

Leader Strategic Practices

  1. Build cohesion: Teamwork requires trust and mutual respect among peers.
  2. Create a positive climate: Leaders earn trust, enforce discipline, show respect, and have fun.
  3. Instill a sense of purpose: Purpose answers the question…why?

Leader Supporting Practices

  1. Demonstrate character: Moral courage, humility, empathy, and honesty.
  2. Win the affection of subordinates: Show genuine concern and build relationships.
  3. Empower subordinate leaders: Demand leadership from everyone.
  4. Provide realistic and challenging training: Build competence and confidence.
  5. Manage expectations: Imagine the worst-case scenario and prepare for it.
  6. Keep subordinates informed: Face-to-face communication is best.
  7. Share risks with subordinates and stay calm under pressure.
  8. Talk about setbacks and keep teams moving through obstacles.
  9. Focus on the mission and do not second-guess decisions.