RBLP Certification

RBLP Certification Requirements:

  • Read and study each topic in the Resilience-Building Leadership Body of Knowledge (RBLBOK).
  • Demonstrate your understanding of Resilience-Building Leadership by passing the online RBLP certification exam.

RBLP Certification Costs and Benefits:

  • Certification exam: Only $195.
  • Our online training is more time efficient and cost effective than expensive workshops with associated travel costs. With our program, you can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • RBLP certification is a one-time professional expense. RBLP is a lifetime certification with no requirement to recertify.
  • RBLP certification shows your personal commitment to the practice of Resilience-Building Leadership.
  • Adding RBLP certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile increases your value in the eyes of employers and colleagues.